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What are the ways to improve the quality of kraft paper printing?

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Update time : 2018-12-27 09:39:52
Kraft paper is a very common kind of paper in our life. It can always be found in the packaging industry. When kraft paper is used in product packaging, printing quality becomes an important standard to measure technology. For some mature large-scale printing plants, kraft paper has unique technology and process flow to achieve good results.

However, the lack of experience and equipment will lead to some problems in kraft paper printing for some small packaging and printing plants. Today let Jieshen Paper Company introduce some detailed methods to improve the quality of kraft paper production and printing.

In some kraft paper production process, because of the loose fibers, paper powder will be produced, which will directly affect the printing effect, so manufacturers need to open the vacuum vacuum vacuum system in the kraft paper production process, reduce the content of paper powder and improve the printing quality.

The choice of ink will directly lead to the quality of printing. Kraft paper is different from cardboard and coated paper. Kraft paper has no coating and good air permeability. Therefore, kraft paper printing process requires more ink than coated kraft paper. In view of this, the printing plant should take into account the secondary problems in the printing process and choose the ink reasonably for printing.

Finally, Jieshen Paper reminds you that there are many kinds of kraft, including domestic kraft paper and imported kraft paper, and the surface finish of different types of paper is also different. This requires the printing plant to inspect the specific situation of paper before printing, and choose the appropriate paper for printing according to the needs of its own factory.
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