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Is it really better to use natural paper than white paper?

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Update time : 2018-12-17 11:04:57
In recent years, a kind of light yellow paper towel is becoming popular and popular with many consumers. This kind of "natural color paper" is made of bamboo fiber, straw pulp and so on. Although it is more expensive than white toilet paper, its sales are good. "Made of raw bamboo pulp, without bleaching agent and phosphor" are synonyms of natural color paper. So how to choose toilet paper? Is the paper really that good? Let's take a look at the specific introduction given by Jieshen Paper Industry.

1. The price is high and the popularity is high.

In recent years, a light yellow living paper has begun to challenge white toilet paper. Many families with babies begin to moderate the paper because they make it purer and more environmentally friendly. In large supermarkets, natural color paper has occupied nearly one third of the shelves, and there are many brands. Natural color paper is known as bamboo pulp production, food grade. Although the price of natural color paper is 20-30% higher than that of white paper, it sells well.

2. What can we do to maintain our true character?

The manufacture of toilet paper requires cooking and pulping of raw materials, and the color difference of finished products is mainly due to the difference of follow-up process.

White toilet paper process: adding bleaching agent to bleach pulp, then washing and screening;

Natural toilet paper: Wash and screen pulp directly.

3. Natural color paper is not "without additions"

It is reported that chloride compounds are used in bleaching toilet paper pulp. Although cleaning will be repeated in the subsequent process, a small amount of residue will still be found. There will be no problem with non-bleached paper.

However, the nature is not as true as the propaganda "no additions". The unbleached pulp has relatively high lignin content and the produced paper is hard. Therefore, the natural color paper will add more softeners and wet strength agents than the white toilet paper.

4. Natural color paper is not necessarily suitable for babies

Generally speaking, there is no problem with the statement that the natural color paper is more environmentally friendly. But there are rumors that too white toilet paper can cause cancer. Experts say this is not credible. Although some chlorinated compounds will remain in toilet paper, the amount is very small, which will not cause harm to human body. As for fluorescent whitening agent, it has been banned by the state for a long time.

The paper texture is rough and the skin of infants is delicate. The use of natural color paper will bring discomfort, so it is not appropriate to choose the natural color paper blindly.
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