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Kraft paper - let packaging return to nature

A package of kraft paper, simple and natural, does not look as perfect as those gift boxes mounted with density boards.
But those gift boxes filled with non-renewable materials and glued with glue are full of harmful substances, some of which are just gorgeous appearance. We hope our boxes will be more natural and simple, and even allow its imperfection.

In addition, it is very light, just a few weight of kraft paper.

Slender labels typesetting information such as logos and product descriptions, as well as packaging seals. The packaging made of two different processes and materials form a series of products. One is made of carbon baking. A small hole in kraft paper is burned with small fire carbon to form the relevant characters and patterns. Another choice of natural flavor of herbal paper, with exquisite hand-painted illustrations, the Chinese tea culture and characteristics of which. The packaging is full of simple taste and unique visual effects.
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