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What are the characteristics of white kraft paper?

White kraft paper is one of the kinds of kraft paper. The color of kraft paper is yellow or natural, white and yellow, white and so on. And white kraft paper belongs to double-sided white kraft paper. There are also white kraft paper that can be divided into white and ultra white, super white and sometimes called high white kraft paper.

Composition of white kraft paper: Coniferous Kraft bleached wood pulp, long fibers and short fibers exist at the same time. The long fibers used in papermaking in China are generally imported. The largest producer is Chile, as well as Finland, Russia and Sweden. Wood pulp can be directly made into paper when it is abroad. However, in order to facilitate transportation, wood pulp blocks are purchased in China, and then melted when it is made. In these processes, wood pulp will lose a lot of moisture, so domestic paper is not as good as imported paper in terms of tensile strength, so China is a big paper-making country. It's not a powerful papermaking country.

Specification for white kraft paper

1. The white kraft paper weighing 80G-250G (original white, high white) has a machine width of 2.1m. That is to say, it must be cut in 2.1m with various specifications (787mm, 889mm, 1092mm, 1194mm). However, due to the unstable sales volume and the difficulty of long-term inventory, the paper mill often shuts down.

2. White kraft paper weighing 75G-170G has a machine width of 1.76m, that is to say, all kinds of specifications must be cut within 1.76M (preferably conventional). Although the quality of the paper is good, the specifications are limited, and it is better to accept sheets with a width not more than 1 m or 1.6 m, mainly 787 mm and 889 mm.

Main uses of white kraft paper

1. Make envelope bags and archives (70G, 80G, 90G in weight, mainly below 100G, preferably not more than 120G).

2. make handbags, handbags, shopping bags (100G-170G is often used).

3. used for packaging food (white kraft paper).

Whether the white kraft paper can be used for food packaging is mainly whether the fluorescent agent is added to the paper. Generally, the paper without pre-addition is white kraft paper, its whiteness is not more than 85 degrees, generally 82, 83 degrees, can be used for food packaging, and after addition, the whiteness can reach more than 90 degrees.

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