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You don't know the kraft paper classification!

Kraft paper is usually yellow-brown in color and is suitable for packing bags and wrapping paper. Kraft paper has different uses according to its nature and uses. Kraft paper is a general designation of paper and does not have certain specifications. It is generally classified according to its nature and purpose. Today, Jieshen Paper Company will share with you a complete list of kraft paper types.
Kraft paper classification kraft paper is generally classified according to its nature and use.
① According to different colors, it can be divided into primary color kraft paper ( natural color kraft paper ), brown kraft paper, white kraft paper, light yellow kraft paper, coated kraft paper, white surface kraft paper, etc. according to different smooth surfaces, it can be divided into double light kraft paper, single light kraft paper, double light kraft paper, etc. According to different uses, it can be divided into packaging kraft paper, waterproof kraft paper, moisture-proof kraft paper, rust-proof kraft paper, printing kraft paper, hot-pressed kraft paper and insulating kraft paper.
② According to the wood pulp, it can be divided into recycled kraft paper, wood pulp kraft paper, mixed pulp kraft paper and composite kraft paper.
③ According to different countries, it can be divided into domestic kraft paper and imported kraft paper.
④ According to different grades, it can be divided into ordinary kraft paper and food kraft paper.
⑤ According to the weight difference, it can be divided into: low-weight kraft paper ( below 70g ), middle-weight kraft paper ( 70 - 200g ) and high-weight kraft paper ( above 200g );
⑥ According to different colors on both sides, it is divided into single-sided kraft paper and double-sided kraft paper.
⑦ According to the molding, it is divided into single-layer kraft paper, composite kraft paper and counter - surface kraft paper.
Packaging kraft paper can be generally classified according to its packaging function and industry: ordinary packaging kraft paper and special packaging kraft paper, food packaging kraft paper and commodity printing packaging kraft paper.
General packaging kraft paper: General packaging kraft paper includes: natural kraft paper, colored kraft paper, all wood pulp kraft paper, packaging core paper, goose skin paper, striped kraft paper, kraft cardboard, lining paper, carton board paper, corrugated paper, honeycomb cardboard, etc.
Special packaging kraft paper: wrapping paper with special functions for various environments, including oil-proof wrapping paper, moisture-proof wrapping paper, rust-proof paper, etc.
Kraft paper for food packaging: wrapping paper for packaging in food, beverage and other fields, including food parchment, candy packaging base paper and so on.
Commercial printing and packaging kraft paper: paperboard with liner and core layer, with filler and sizing material on the surface, paper boxes and other paper for packaging, such as white paperboard and white cardboard, etc.
Kraft paper is especially suitable to be made into multi-layer kraft paper bags to hold all powdered products such as cement, putty powder, barite powder, titanium dioxide powder, dry mortar, etc. It has the characteristics of moisture proof and leakage proof, convenient stacking, not easy to slide down and safe transportation, and is currently one of the most widely packaging materials at home and abroad. The application range of kraft paper is very large. Kraft paper can be seen on all kinds of packaging products, such as paper bags, kraft paper handbags, color boxes, food packaging bags ( affirmation base, McDonald's, etc. ) and printing.
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