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Why use copy paper to wrap fruit?

There may be two problems in fruit harvesting, transportation and preservation, one is the preservation of fruits and the other is the protection of commodities. As far as fruit packaging is concerned, the preservation of fruits requires a certain permeability of the packaging materials so that the air inside the fruit pallets can circulate, because the ethylene emitted from fruits can accelerate the ripening and decay of fruits. Ventilation can give fruit aerobic respiration, whereas fruit anaerobic respiration can deteriorate the fruit. Commodity security is the requirement of fruit in the selling stage, which requires the fruit to be uniform in size, beautiful in appearance and properly packaged.
Food safety concerns people's health and life, and the production environment, soil quality, pesticide residues, microorganisms and heavy metal content of fruits all need to meet national standards. The safety of packaging is equally important. Fruit packaging should reach the food safety level and be clean and sanitary.
Copying paper is a kind of packaging material used in the field of food packaging. It is made from wood pulp through a complicated papermaking process. Copying paper is high in whiteness, excellent in transparency and breathability, very light and thin, and also has the property of absorbing water, and its price is also very low.
The fruit wrapped in the copy paper can be seen from the outside. The white color of the copy paper gives people a clean and sanitary feeling, and the thin paper gives people a feeling that the image of the fruit has become high - end. Copying paper has good air permeability, which ensures the rapid dispersion of ethylene and the aerobic respiration of fruits, which plays an important role in maintaining the freshness of fruits. Because of the lack of air permeability of plastic film and other packaging materials, fruit ripens and decays quickly. Although the plastic film can isolate the outside air moisture from entering, the inside moisture cannot flow out, making the fruit always feel wet and not conducive to keeping fresh.
Copying paper can absorb water when fruits are stored, which can prevent water from entering the air, reduce the reproduction of microorganisms, and effectively curb mildew and deterioration in fruit storage. Copying paper is also very cheap and no worse than other packing materials. Only one kilogram of copying paper can pack a box of fruit.
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