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Do you know what conditions are needed to make silicone oil?

Silicone oil paper is a kind of paper that can prevent prepreg from sticking and also a kind of anti-sticking paper that can protect prepreg from contamination. Therefore, silicone oil paper is often called separator paper. Its manufacturing process is different from that of ordinary paper, which only needs to be prepared with all kinds of materials and can be completed by a fixed process. However, the production of environmentally friendly silicone oil paper must meet certain conditions, as shown in the following aspects.
First, silicone oil paper needs to be able to stick to prepregs so that the resin matrix can be impregnated with continuous fibers or fabrics to make the fabric of the resin matrix and reinforcement. But at the same time, the two need to be able to be easily separated and torn off easily when laying the layer.
Second, the silicone oil paper and the resin system cannot react chemically or cause pollution to the resin system when in contact with each other. If a chemical reaction occurs, other substances will be generated, resulting in impure materials and an increase in the cost of separating the silicone oil paper and the resin system. 3. The elongation of silicone oil paper after being pulled by external force should be consistent with that of fiber to prevent the prepreg from being deformed or distorted due to unsynchronized drafting in the manufacturing process. However, under normal circumstances, it is not so easy to accurately control the thickness, unit area and quality of silicone oil paper, which requires a large amount of material and manpower.
Fourth, in order to meet the requirements of silicone oil paper isolation, it is necessary to test whether silicone oil paper has enough compactness, i.e. tightness, and whether moisture can be prevented from entering the prepreg through the surface layer.
Therefore, the production process of professional silicone oil paper is extremely strict. In order to prevent wrinkling of prepreg caused by wrinkling, the final silicone oil paper needs to meet the requirement that the length and temperature of the paper will not change under the change of temperature and humidity. In order to ensure this condition, silicone oil paper manufacturers have strict inspection procedures in each process from the selection of raw material production to the production process to the final product production and delivery to ensure the final silicone oil paper output quality.
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