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Jieshen Paper Company takes you to know the production procedure of silicone oil paper!

Silicone oil paper is often called non-stick paper in people's lives. Its own materials are mainly waste paper. In order to achieve the extraordinary effect of resisting high temperature, moisture and humidity, the professional silicone oil paper production process is divided into five processes, including gravure printing, coating and silicon coating. In order to understand why silicone oil paper has such strong performance and can be widely used in food industry and packaging industry, it is necessary to understand its manufacturing process.
The first process of producing silicone oil paper: gravure printing
This procedure is the premise of producing silicone oil paper. Only silicone oil paper and coated paper with printing can enter the coating and silicon coating procedure.
The second process of producing silicone oil paper: film coating ( plastic coating )
In this step, the hot-melt PE plastic film will adhere to the surface of the paper under the action of the machine, and the finish of the coating can ensure whether the produced silicone oil paper meets the best standards. Therefore, this step of work needs to be carried out slowly and orderly.
The third process of producing silicone oil paper: brushing silicon
The name of silicone oil paper has already stated that silicon must be included in the composition of the paper, and the incompatibility and invisibility of the paper itself are the physical properties of silicon. After the surface of the paper is brushed with silicon, the oil-proof effect can be achieved. This step of coating silicon is the most important step in the production of release paper.
The fourth process of producing silicone oil paper: slitting
A large quantity of preferential silicone oil paper is a whole piece of paper when the manufacturer just " comes out" of the oven. In order to meet the normal demand of consumers for paper size, the manufacturer will cut the paper. Only the cut silicone oil paper can enter the market and become a consumer product.
The fifth process of producing silicone oil paper: knife
The size of the cut silicone oil paper already matches the size of general consumer goods, but for individual consumers, they usually buy silicone oil paper the size of a4, so the paper will be " cut" into rectangular size at the last step of the silicone oil paper production process.
The production process of the five-way silicone oil paper produced the most special wrapping paper in the market, and with the rise of DIY dishes on microblogs, many people will also use silicone oil paper when baking, which also makes this kind of release paper become a commodity for ordinary people from industrial products. Familiar with the production process of silicone oil paper will help ordinary people to have a deeper understanding of it.
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